Key Points

  • Country


  • Industry

    Grocery Hypermarket

  • Technology

    Python / Angular JS

  • Database


  • Platform

    Web/Mobile App

Overview & Challenges
  • The client wanted to create and publish tangible and intangible products/services using mass or unit uploads
  • The client needed the ability to add attributes, categories, photos and additional product information using mass or unit uploads
  • The client needed the ability to manage the publishing and un-publishing of products based on business rules including stock levels and item attributes
  • The client needed the ability to manage and upload multiple types of digital assets (e.g. video, text documents, and images) on an ad-hoc basis.
  • The client wanted to maintain a consistent price list across the entire digital commerce store flow.
  • The client wanted to load discount percentage or fixed quantities to the SKU, order or shipment price with configurable min/max percentage limits to some or all of the catalogue

The client is a natural food & grocery retailer in Toronto and they haven't any web presence or online store operations before coming to us. The client was searching for a digital commerce solution to serve current customers by providing them the flexibility for pick & delivery. Navsoft helped them to build a multi-channel business model that has driven their expansion and enhance marketing capabilities. We have delivered an integrated ecommerce store with backend capabilities, store picking app for seamless pick, pack and ship the orders and delivery app for handing over the ordered items to the customer's door. Our integrated ecommerce solution was included following key modules:

How We Made The Difference

Navsoft has delivered an integrated ecommerce solution to the client that helped them to reach millions of shoppers who need grocery items every day and allowed them to seamlessly search and order items through a fast and user-friendly approach. The Picking and Last Mile Delivery apps played a great role to streamline delivery operations and faster delivery to the customers’ door. The client gets following benefits from our ecommerce application:


Online Order Rate Increased by


Returning Customers Rate Increased by


Avg. Delivery Time Reduced by


Customer Satisfaction Index Increased by

Key Features

Navsoft has delivered an integrated ecommerce solution to the client that helped them to streamline their online retail operations and increase online sales. Our ecommerce experts have thoroughly analysed the client's existing business model and designed the custom online retail solution that can exactly fit their existing business model. Following are the key features that we have delivered to the client:

01. Smart Search with Filter & Sorting

Shoppers can easily search an item from the store app by entering keyword and auto-complete list displayed based on the given search phrase. Also the store has advanced filter & sorting options to further rectify the searched items list.

02. Location Specific Stock Availability

The ecommerce store asks for the customer location and display only those items that can be deliverable to that location. Also store admin can set location specific pricing for a product based on its type, packaging or availability.

03. Smart Delivery Route Tracker & Optimizer

Our last mile delivery app tracks all delivery executives in real-time via GPS tracking on the Google map when they are on the way of delivering the orders. Also the app automatically plans the delivery route in the most convenient manner.

04. Easy Return & Refund Management

Product return can be initiated by the customer from the app and the store admin can process the return request from the backend and initiate the refund process.

05. Pick & Scan through Handheld Device

With help of our store picking app, store admin can pick the ordered items, scan them, add substitute product against shortage items and modify the order if necessary. It is much faster & accurate than manual picking of ordered items.