Grocery Store Inventory Management

  • Bulk Products Upload

    Etailgrocer’s grocery store inventory management system helps upload a bulk amount of product information using Excel import process and move product images in the CDN.

  • Product List & Dynamic Category Management

    Manage your grocery store inventory with our comprehensive product categorization to maintain hierarchy, discovery, on-site search, and navigation.

  • Manage Purchase Order

    Easily manage your supermarket stock by generating purchase orders, tracking updates and monitoring the real-time status of receivable items, with a few clicks.

  • Manage Supplier List

    Use Etailgrocer’s retail management system to connect with suppliers, raise purchase orders, and keep track of the receivable items.

  • Order Processing

    Use Etailgrocer’s management console for seamless order management from different channels, create shipment by pick list, generating invoices, shipping labels, and manifests.

  • GRN and Scanner

    Our retail management system counts inventory effectively and makes GRN entry with barcode scanning using a scanner device.

  • Barcode Generation (per SKU)

    Generate barcodes for your SKUs to identify, locate and streamline the operation of your products.

  • Real-Time Route Optimization

    Automatically generate the delivery route in the most optimized manner by considering the delivery location distance from the warehouse.

  • Dynamic Delivery Creation

    Route the orders based on customized rules and create an optimal fulfillment workflow.

  • Drivers & Vehicles Management

    Manage drivers and assign vehicles for delivering the orders right to the customer’s door.

  • Review & feedback Management

    Strategically design the coupon & promotions, and use them when new products are launched.

  • Manifest Generation

    Generate shipping manifest at the time of order shipment process and hand over it to the courier company.

  • Delivery person Tracker/Real-Time Order & Field Tracking Management

    Real-time GPS tracking to know the exact location of delivery persons while they are in transit.

  • MIS Reports & Analytics

    Know what your customers are frequently searching and offer them the products at the price they want.

  • Users Role Management

    Multi-level administration by creating user groups, and assign them access to manage specific activities.

  • Integration with Tally & QuickBooks

    Integrated with external accounting software like Tally, QuickBooks for real-time syncing of the orders, stocks and user data.

  • Manage Multiple Range of Stores

    Our robust grocery store inventory management app is specifically designed for all grocery businesses whether big or small, quipped with enterprise-grade features. It seamlessly accommodates all types of stores on one centralized platform.

  • Assign Managers

    Manager allocation can be easily done for efficient streamlining of workflow and smooth store operation.

  • Customer Management

    Etailgrocer’s management console keeps a track of all your registered customers easily. Get an insight into their purchase history, buying patterns and decisions.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

    Our scalable platform is integrated with all trusted and leading payment gateways like PayPal, CCAvenue, Atom, etc.