Grocery Retail POS System

  • Cash Register

    The cash register is a combination of disbursement transactions and funds receipt transactions. You can either add money to the drawer or remove money from the drawer as necessary.

  • Store Promotions & Offers

    Cashiers can check present offers available within the store and update the same to the customers. All the offers and promotions can be created from our grocery store POS system backend.

  • Hardware Integration

    Etailgrocer’s grocery store POS system can be integrated with other devices like personal identification (PIN) data entry devices, bump bar devices, cash drawer, MSR, Key Lock, fiscal printers, scales, scanner, etc.

  • Different Pricing Levels

    Our POS system for grocery stores supports different pricing levels like SKU specific pricing, mix-and-match pricing, quantity-based pricing etc. It also reflects the permanent and temporary assignment of a new retail price to items sold by you.

  • Drawer On/Off

    POS reflects multiple records for each kind of amount in each drawer. Each record has an opening balance, a set of movement indicators, summarizing movements in and out of the drawer, and the closing balance.

  • Employee Management

    It helps you assign tasks to your employees based on hierarchy. Store owners can assign workstation, store, job, tasks to their employees and closely monitor their activities from the top level.

  • Supplier Management

    Our POS can handle scenarios where you have multiple suppliers (and supplier item numbers) for one SKU. It can also handle converse situations where you have to maintain two different SKUs for one supplier item.

  • Merchandising Hierarchy

    Our supermarket POS allows you to define different hierarchies for different business processes (for example, Sales Reporting, Merchandise Planning, etc.). You can see how an item has been placed into a Merchandise Hierarchy Group.

  • Return and Refund

    Our grocery retail POS software records the reason for the return of a line item and disposal of an item being returned by a customer. If a return has been recorded against the original retail transaction line item, this will be recorded as well.

  • Loyalty Program

    Our supermarket POS comes with a loyalty program that represents premium memberships and allows customers to earn and accumulate rewards based on actions they take like purchase items, refer friends, visit stores etc.

  • Gift Voucher

    Our grocery retail POS software offers redemption of gift vouchers and defines how retail customers can use gift vouchers while doing any transaction.

  • Tax Settings

    POS captures store level tax summary for a reporting period. Taxation reporting reflects sales tax summary, which rolls up the various sales taxes that are collected from customers and paid to suppliers.

  • Intuitive Reports

    POS generates sales reports to inform how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and discover who your top salespeople are. You can use a wide range of filters to get to the bottom of things and help you identify trends or problem areas that need attention.

  • Sales Open/Close

    In POS, sales Open/Close indicates the store is ready for customers at the start of a new business day. In some stores, this is done at one POS. In 24 hour stores, the time between Business SOD and Business EOD is just a few seconds.

  • Role Based Access Control

    Access Control System helps POS admin to associate an employee to a set of access privileges. POS admin can easily assign a role to an employee. Employees can belong to the user group and the user group can be given access to specific roles based on the access of the POS system.