Grocery Mobile App

  • Voice-Assisted Smart Search

    The eCommerce grocery app instantly displays the matching results “as you type” in an autocomplete search bar using Algolia search engine.

  • Products Filter & Sorting

    All mobile apps for grocery stores must enable shoppers to further refine the search results filter by brand, pricing range, category and many more.

  • Offline Data Syncing

    All store updates & data will be automatically synchronized when the shopper moves from offline to online mode on your grocery mobile app.

  • Single Click Cart

    Single click to add all the products from the collection to the cart. It saves the shopper’s valuable time and effort.

  • Location Based Stock Availability Checking

    With our readymade grocery app, display the item stocks based on the shopper’s location and availability.

  • Seamless Checkout

    Etailgrocer’s mobile grocery store ensures a smooth checkout process by optimizing the shopper’s buying cycle consisting of multiple interconnected stages.

  • Push Notification for Promotion

    Through our retail mobile app, increase sales and boost return customer traffic by sending targeted offers and push notifications to your customers.

  • Return or Refund from App

    Enable shoppers to return items from their grocery mobile app account by sending a return request to the
    store admin.

  • Support All Devices

    Etailgrocer’s mobile grocery store provides shoppers with a seamless experience and a consistent look across multi-devices above Android 3.1 and iOS 4.

  • Fully Secure

    The entire checkout process & customer’s sensitive data are stored encrypted so that attackers cannot simply retrieve this data.

  • Social Media Login

    Allow login from mobile, Facebook, Google Plus, and get more customers to your store.