Features for Online Grocery POS
and Last Mile Delivery App

Virtual Supermarket for Anywhere,
Anytime Smart Shopping

Navsoft has developed a complete Online Grocery Store, POS & Last Mile Delivery Solution for supermarkets, hypermarkets and grocery stores seeking to enter the field of online grocery shopping.

Empower your grocery business with the best Omni-Channel Solution that ensures an extraordinary retail shopping experience across all touch-points – online, mobile & in-store. It’s integrated Retail POS offers both cross-platform compatibility as well as gives you the convenience of working both online / offline. It increases productivity and efficiency through full process automation as well as seamlessly integrates with any ERP or Accounting System to give you an end to end solution.

Boost revenue and expand customer base with attractive and inbuilt newsletters, promotions, targeted campaigns and options to create loyalty programs. You can even personalize your customer’s shopping journey with real-time order tracking, rescheduling, instant searches in multiple languages and hassle-free cancels / returns from the app.

It’s Last Mile Delivery App streamlines your shipping & delivery operations with automatic routing and route planning. Not only does it ensure faster deliveries by generating the most efficient and optimized delivery routes but also goes a step further with tracking of vehicles, drivers & delivery boys on real time.

You can even add multiple warehouses based on location and even transfer / adjust inventory across warehouses.

Scale up your grocery business, whether it is a B2B or B2C with this advanced and innovative turnkey solution that simplifies the complexities of Online Grocery Shopping and Last Mile Delivery.

comprehensive online grocery & last mile delivery application

Customer Interface (Store)

We offer smart & innovative store-front features which help shoppers to easily find their desire items and smooth checkout process. Our store features help you to increase conversion rates by giving your shoppers everything they need to make an informed and confident decision.

Mobile (iOS / Android)

Let your customers access the mobile store everywhere they go and ensure that you never miss out on any opportunity to sell. The mobile store app easily engages with your customers, from sending out powerful push notifications based on location, to keeping your customers up to date with your latest store updates.

Delivery App

Our Delivery App is considered to be the fastest and the easiest way to deliver your orders right to the customer's doorsteps. assigning a delivery person to an order, real-time tracking on transit and notifications.

Retail POS

Admin Panel (Management Console)

Fully secure and scalable management console using which you can manage your entire online business operations including the product stocks, inventory, orders, customers, e-marketing & promotions, taxations, store settings and many more.