Last-Mile Delivery Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence – An Ultimate Breakthrough

Last-Mile Delivery Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence – An Ultimate Breakthrough

Last-Mile Delivery Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence – An Ultimate Breakthrough

The grocery landscape is shifting. Amazon, the e-commerce giant is the key player, but Walmart and target are creating their own space in this battleground to take on Amazon.

Food retailers are making their platform feature-rich to satisfy the growing expectations of customers for faster and efficient delivery at their doorstep for every order placed. They are optimizing their distribution networks, inventory planning and last-mile delivery solutions to match up to the consumer preferences.

The convenience of online grocery shopping is attracting millions of customers and big e-commerce giants are embracing newer technologies to streamline e-commerce fulfillment. The potential of artificial intelligence is immense when it comes to the final mile delivery solution. It has the incredible capability of minimizing the order processing time and efficiently handling much of the fulfillment process.

There is a constant demand for fast and low-cost shipping and the main challenge that the food retailers face is to complete more deliveries within a shorter time, without utilizing much manpower.

So how much impact does Artificial Intelligence have in providing an efficient and robust last-mile delivery solution?

AI will sort the quickest delivery route in last-mile delivery solution

Optimizing the routes, reducing the delivery miles does have a huge impact on the cost-effectiveness and time. Every minute, every mile counts in last-mile delivery. AI uses algorithms to design the most efficient route and define the travel time between every two locations. Routes are created depending on the road condition and traffic that help drivers to make delivery on time and efficiently. Companies can save millions with an efficient final mile delivery solution.

Order forecasting with the AI algorithm

AI can predefine the paths of delivery by forecasting when an order leaves or arrives at the warehouse. It becomes more convenient to keep the warehouse organized with stock arranged in the right position. It enhances efficiency with the smarter placement of stocks right from the beginning.

AI as a safety measure to transport shipments

It is possible to sense what’s around, in case of any possible danger while transporting shipments. Luxury car giant Rolls Royce partnered with Google to design autonomous ships that replace the job of a driver (in a self-driving car) and 20 ship crew members. This technology is advanced enough to track engine performance, monitor security and load, unload cargo. The biggest benefit of using AI in last-mile delivery solutions is shipments would not be lost due to bad weather and could be delivered faster and efficiently.

Ai powered robots do smart last-mile delivery

Items like food, grocery, fresh products, medicines demand faster and timely delivery. Instead of humans, robots will use advanced technology, used in autonomous cars to complete delivery. Robots can navigate smoothly through city sidewalks without any hassles of running into people or other objects. These AI-powered robots can track the route and nature of sidewalks as they move. It’s not only faster but also efficient to get goods delivered at the doorstep in an around busy urban area.
AI is already having a major impact on last mile delivery solutions and the level of optimization is not only saving time but also saving billions.

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